February 15, 2013

Size Matters

Can you believe the size of this girl's tongue?  No wonder she wants to put it to good use by sucking cock.

Well....maybe she wants to for some other reason. 

February 14, 2013

A BBW Valentine's Lunch

I'm taking Debbie out to dinner tonight.  But lunch today is reserved for Karen.  And she's taking the afternoon off.

I'm already starving!

February 12, 2013

The Unknowing Cuckold

In some ways I was a cuckold before I even knew what it meant.  I was a teenager and the regular pussy licker of "Big Mitch - My First BBW."

Once Mitch knew that I enjoyed eating pussy and ass, she basically owned me in that regard.  We both saw other people and never went steady, but I was there to meet her oral needs.

I remember one Saturday afternoon very vividly.  I had just got home from basketball practice when she called me.  It wasn't unusual for her to call me at home.  She was good friends of Sue, a neighbor of mine who I grew up with and we were all just kind of friends.  Both Sue and Big Mitch were a year older than me.

Bit Mitch called to let me know her parents were gone until that evening and she had the house to herself.  I knew what that meant:  "Why don't you come over here and lick me."  I was there an hour later.

When I got there Mitch was wearing a bathrobe and had her hair in curlers.  Curlers were in use back then more than they are now.  She had done her hair because she had a date that night....with someone else. 

I saw this photo a couple of days ago and it reminded me of that afternoon.

Perversely, I was turned on by the fact that I was worshiping her while she was in curlers.  Most girls didn't want to be seen while wearing curlers, particularly by guys or their boyfriends.  Big Mitch didn't care.  I was only her personal pussy and ass licker. 

February 11, 2013

An Insignificant Cuckold

I intended to follow up on Saturday's post yesterday, but decided to wait until today to get my thoughts together.  It was just a weird day and a weird sort of ending to Debbie's rendezvous with Hal.

I stayed downstairs the entire time they were upstairs together in our bedroom.  I occupied myself by polishing the silverware and a few other things while dressed in my maids uniform.  One can only polish those spoons so many times and I turned on the television to watch a basketball game.  It's hard to get into a game when you're dressed like I was.  But I tried.

Time passed and I was surprised at how long they were staying upstairs.  I heard the lovemaking at times but it was lasting longer than usual.  Also, I hadn't been called up at all.  Usually, I'm summoned to clean up and to be honest, it was something I was looking forward to.

It was almost 5 PM when Hal came down fully dressed, said he was running late and had to head out.  There was a brief "thanks" and a "see you in a few weeks" and then he was gone.  The game I was watching was relatively close and there was only a few minutes left so I decided to finish watching it.  When it was over, I decided to head upstairs to see Debbie and do my cuckold clean-up duty.

Much to my disappointment, she was in the shower.  She saw me in the bathroom through the shower doors and said "Are you going to stay dressed like that all night?  We're meeting Laurie and Bret at their place at 6 before heading out to dinner.  Hurry up and change." 

I was more than just disappointed.  I was downright pissed.  But I obeyed.  For one thing, my cock was throbbing in The Birdlock and very uncomfortable.  The discomfort isn't so bad when you get to serve like a cuckold is supposed to.  The subspace you find helps lessen the pain and discomfort.  There would be no such subspace, and no time to take a warm shower to help soothe my privates. 

I changed and we met our vanilla friends for dinner.  All night I kept thinking about how insignificant I was to Debbie on Saturday.  She sensed my disappointment even though I tried my best not to show it. 

She was mostly dismissive about what happened.  When we got home I got a "I hope you're not upset" from her.  I told her I was a little disappointed.  "Well, we just lost track of time.  I'll try to make it up to you later this week.  Tony might be over" she answered with a smile. 

She didn't even check on the silverware to see if I had done a good job.  Talk about being insignificant.

She could have at least let me watch.  

February 10, 2013

The BBW Spankers

I caught a post over at "Consensual Spanking" the other day entitled "mature spankers."  The author, Red, has an awesome spanking blog and I've added it to my blog list. 

I also wanted to share a few of the pictures from that post that I found intriguing and yes....arousing.  No surprise that the pictures feature mature BBW's ready to take their submissives over their lap or in some other position and administer a spanking.

While this first picture is clearly posed, there's no doubt that this woman is into spanking.  Notice the look of seriousness on her face.  It's real also.  She's not dressed in fishnet stockings, garters, etc.  She looks rather plain...all the more reason to think she's into discipline no matter what she's wearing.  That in itself can be a turn-on!

Talk about a look of seriousness!  And a pink paddle to boot.  Bet her sub is a sissy.  He's probably taking the picture with a little lump in his panties, all excited with anticipation.  She also looks like she has a mean streak about her.  Sort of like, "Don't fuck with me!"  All I could say to that is "Yes Ma'am."


Saving the best for last of course, this one intrigues me.  She seems to be waiting patiently as her submissive prepares and/or positions his or herself, probably specifically following her instructions.  She also has a barely noticeable smile or smirk on her face, almost as if to reveal some pleasure that the sub is following instructions so well.  Or maybe, it's one of anticipation.  She just can't wait to lay in to them.  Hopefully, they'll be allowed to kiss her bountiful ass after.  More of a "Thank You Mistress" type of kiss.

February 9, 2013

The Weekend Sissy Maid

It's Saturday afternoon, Debbie's upstairs with Hal and I'm downstairs prancing around in heels and my maids uniform.  We have a cleaning lady so there's not much to do, but Debbie has me polishing the silverware.  Honestly, it's just a humiliating task for me to do while she's in bed with her lover.  She'll inspect it when she's done with Hal and probably have me do some over again.

I guess polishing silverware is typical maid duty.  At least that's what Debbie says.

There's another duty that I'll be expected to complete before the afternoon is over.  It's not exactly polishing, but it does involve keeping something clean.  It's also not part of a typical maid's duties, unless it's a cuckolded sissy maid.

February 8, 2013

Weekend visitor

Hal's visiting Debbie this weekend, probably on Saturday afternoon.

"Why don't you surprise him at the door in your maids outfit?  He'd like that" Debbie said.

Like an idiot, I took it as a suggestion and didn't give her the impression I was all in on the idea.

It didn't take her long to say "Better yet, just do it."

Hal tends to follow Debbie's lead.  In other words, if he sees she's into dominating and humiliating me, he feels right at home and does the same.  If all she's interested in is sex with him, then he ignores me totally.

If her mood doesn't change by tomorrow, it could be interesting.